Best Learning Apps For Students Online

Best Learning Apps For Students Online

 “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”-Nelson Mandela.

Learning was never so easy as it is now. Many times you might have read or heard or watched news regarding the disadvantages of modern technology. Technology has disabled humans of their natural abilities to do this and doing that. Technology is harmful to this and that.

Gadgets based on technology are paralyzing humans. Technology is boon or bane? Guys and gals, this is just one side. There is a lot more to explore in the ocean. Technology has done a lot good in the world. Even if you are reading this from any corner of the world, you are using technology.

This is possible because of technology. Technology has made life complex and fast but it has also made life easy and comfortable.

Best Learning Apps For Students Online
Best Learning Apps For Students Online

Best Learning Apps For Students Online | Best Apps for students: Indian and Global

Just take an example of education. It is considered one of the most essential things for human life after food, water, shelter, and health. Getting proper and quality education is everyone’s right. Here enters Technology! Transforming traditional ways of education, technology has brought a huge change in the field.

Education is made simple, easy by technology. Not only this but technology also has raised its quality. Moreover, technology has made education possible in many parts of the world where it didn’t before say 100 years ago.

Digital technology and the Internet have opened the doors to learning various skills and courses. It has provided a good opportunity to learn those things which you want to but can’t do so just because of the fact that the course is not available where you are currently living.

The real problem now is not how to but which to. Out of the ocean of Apps present online, we have selected some which will give you the best experience of learning. The Apps presented here are tried and tested by users all over the world. Go for them. Learn, educate, and empower yourself and the people around you.

 Apps heading the online learning system in India :

 BYJU’s The Learning App

This is India’s largest app for self-learning. The content is awesome. Various subjects are taught with simplified methods. The use of pictures and animation makes the subjects interesting. Students love to learn in a funny way and BYJU’s app has the thing.

Blended form of knowledge and fun elaborates on each concept of any subject in a way that you will love it. Video lessons are engaging. Doubts clearing, regular tests, complete syllabus coverage are the features catered in an interactive and adaptive learning mode.

BYJU’s The Learning App is India’s #1 online education app and has become one of the most preferred education platforms across the globe. Currently, it offers courses for class 4th  to 12th CBSE and state boards, ICSE, CAT, JEE, NEET exams with Government service exams like UPSC and IBPS. It is soon going to launch itself in regional languages.

Best Apps for Learning and Teaching Online


It is one of India’s largest online education platform has more than 10 million students across 9 countries. Provides service of elaborate live classes, multimedia tutorials, interactive exercises, doubt clearing sessions by subject experts, test papers, and much more.

Available material and classes are for classes 1 to 10. Classes 11,12 material is for almost all the subjects of science, arts and commerce streams. Students of CBSE, ICSE, and state boards of Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu can achieve excellence in their studies through the Meritnation app.

The app offers various kinds of help for the students. Additionally, it offers classes and materials to help those students preparing for NSO, IMO, IEO, JEE, NEET, BBA, CPT exams.

 Topper Learning

The app provides study material, revision notes, previous years’ question papers, model question papers with Online Tuition classes. Provided material and classes are for standard 1 to standard 12 for state boards, CBSE and ICSE boards. The online classes are a nice way to teach kids the core concepts in subjects that are hard to understand.

The study material provided is of high quality and simple to learn and understand from to boost your exam score. Specific exams aspirants which are working hard for cracking NEET, IIT JEE, NDA, and Olympiad are greatly benefitted by this app.

Online Learning Apps


The app helps to understand, comprehend, and apply the concepts from a diverse range of subjects. It empowers teachers and students to explore the subjects and discover the power of knowledge. The dynamic dashboard is provided for reporting and monitoring the progress.

Thus personalized and collaborative methods bring the teacher, student, parent, and administrator digitally together for the growth of the student.  It is able to work in both online and offline mode.

 To mention some more :

Simply Learnt


Etoos India


Now, with the use of mobile devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets, you can learn whatever you wish to, whenever you wish to and wherever you wish to. Hundreds of websites and phone apps are there to serve you with thousands of courses online or offline.

 Apps heading the online learning system globally :

 Khan Academy

Khan academy is a non-profit organization which is aimed to provide free, world-class education for anyone and anywhere. The app is a free resource offering you class options based on your interest and your education level.

If you want to advance your career but you lack funds, Khan Academy is the best place as it is a learning platform that offers courses absolutely free.

You can continue your learning in subjects like maths, science, humanities. Even you can learn computer science, too. Whether it is learning new concepts or brushing up older subjects, Khan Academy is the perfect place.

 Khan Academy Kids

It comes in Khan Academy Kids version where kids can learn reading, writing, language, mathematics. It encourages the problem-solving skills, social-emotional development of the kids.

Interesting activities like storytelling, drawing, coloring are used for developing creativity and self-expression. Funny animal characters guide the children in their path of learning.


Lynda offers courses on different subjects like software development, video production, business, photography, and many more. Lynda app is a convenient app providing a huge library of courses on a monthly subscription basis.

You can subscribe to a number of courses as per your wish. Before subscribing, you can go for a free tour and try the app for ten days.


Courses in technology such as learning Adobe apps, Microsoft apps, web development, and other courses like playing a musical instrument, cooking, and public speaking can be taken at Udemy. It focuses more on skill-based courses. Video lectures are available in large numbers.

They can be used at the time which a user finds convenient. Courses are available in free and paid mode. Udemy often hosts sales and offers, using which a course worth $100 can be bought for a much lesser amount.


Edx is excellent in the way that you can be a student of well-known institutions like Harvard and Stanford. Educators from top education institutes will teach you the subjects of your interest. You can proceed in a vast range of subjects and disciplines. With Edx, you can learn the language, humanities, statistics, computer science, and such subjects online.


The app is more useful for school and college students. Its large content library is worth a visit. You can get online class-based guides. It has study modes and can store your notes in a safe and systematic manner.

It is also a good opportunity to connect with students with similar learning subjects and to share and access study guides, flashcards, and other study material. You can connect with the students from the same class you are in, collaborate your study projects, and keep them in contact.


This is a tool that replaces pen and paper and helps you to plan and organize your studies digitally. Its app ensures that you are never going to lose your schedule. The interface is simple. It makes the school life well-organized and helps the student to learn more and in the right direction, for the exams, he or she has to face.


A picture is worth a hundred words and a video is worth a hundred pictures. Hippocampus is a huge multimedia content library in which you can learn various subjects like Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Religion, and English. The above 7,000 videos will make you understand your favorite subject in the easiest way. The best thing is that it is totally free.


A very nice online teaching platform for children age 12 years and under. Thousands of illustrated books, audiobooks, educational videos, educational quizzes on various subjects are ready to use. Leading names of publishers like National Geographic are in partnership with Epic!


Hologo is useful for students, teachers, and schools. It presents the content made by leading teachers, experts, and authors. It uses a collection of Augmented Reality to illustrate subjects like Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Humanities.

Stem education, Journey, Wildlife, Teaching Tube are different ways to experience and learn. You can get projections of realistic images and animations prepared for learning. A really special way to learn.


Extramarks promote self-study by maintaining continuity from school to home. It enables students to access learning solutions at home. Parents and teachers play their role in tracking and evaluating the student’s performance.

It is used for test preparations of CBSE and ICSE students with some other such as engineering, medical, TOEFL, CAP, SAT, PSAT, MIT, etc. aspirants. It applies interactive, responsive, and dynamic learning methods to make learning interesting and fun.

On the basis of the personalized study patterns, the AI-based study bot ‘Alex’ guides students and solve their doubts instantly. ‘Alex’ helps students to set milestones for students and improve their score and learning outcomes.

 To wrap up…

Internet technology is not just about watching funny videos and forwarding good morning/good night messages. There is a whole lot realm of education online. Instead of wasting time on gossiping and trolling on social media (though it is, too, a good source of knowledge), try investing time on the Apps and knowledge resources mentioned above.

By using these apps (and there are many many many more such apps for learning), you can open hundreds of doors of knowledge and opportunities to learn skills and advance your career.

 “If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you.

If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.”

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