Speed and Reliability are Key When Choosing an Ecommerce Web Hosting Solution

Best ecommerce hosting for small business

Are you working on your e-commerce web hosting? You must have done a comparative study of the best web hosting solutions like Blue Host, Wpengine, In Motion, Rack space and many more.

Let’s discuss the basics of web hosting, and the main features it involves and more importantly, why a specific e-commerce web host suits you.

best ecommerce hosting for small business

Speed and Reliability are Key When Choosing an Ecommerce Web Hosting Solution

Basics of ecommerce web hosting:

  • The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS):  The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or popularly known as “PCI Compliant Hosting” is the basic fundamental requirement you need to fulfil before you start working on your Ecommerce Web Hosting. The PCI DSS is created by credit card companies around the world for necessary protection and regulation of customer payment data. The PCI Compliant Hosting is mandatory under law and ensures adequate security for the business houses and traders to host their online shops. You need to meet specific PCI DSS security standards in order to get eligible and need to pass the necessary tests of PCI scanning to get the PCI Compliant Hosting.
  • Internet Protocol addresses (IP) and SSL: The Internet Protocol address, in short form IP is one more component necessarily required for your Ecommerce Web Hosting.  The IP is a label given in a numerical shape to each and every device that is linked to the computer network and using the internet protocol. The IP has fundamentally two functions – (1) identification of network interface or host, and (2) the address of the location.

There are various versions of IP, one of which is primarily defined as 32-bit number IP address as per version 4 (IPv4). There is a later version of IP (IPv6), which is using 128 bits number. The final IP is IPv6 deployment since 2000.

The IP is globally managed by Internet Assigned Numbers Authority in short form IANA and then by territory specific RIRs (Regional Internet Registries) in their own territories. Finally, the RIRs assign these IP numeric addresses to the bottom users or the Internet Service Providers (ISP).

  • Uptime data centre or Server Tier standard: You need to ensure that the Uptime data centre or Server Tier standard is adopted in your Ecommerce web hosting in order to get maximum benefit of your web hosting. The Uptime data centre or Server Tier standard is a methodology for determination of availability in a facility. This methodology is invented and established by Uptime and used by business enterprises to calculate and measure their investment profit or return and the overall performance of their business.
  • Server Specifications: You need to have best SSD and RAM in the best running conditions in your system for accelerated shopping and uninterrupted performances. The SSD in full form Solid State Storage is a device in your computer which stores your data as memory. The SSD is fixed in the hard disc of your computer and may not be necessarily a physical disk itself. There are new developments to meet the growing demands of SSD and Ram which includes flash memory technology for the purpose of data storages. A high quality and high performing SSD and RAM are very essential in your web hosting because these devices are responsible for the speed functioning of your web host and work for greater reliability of your ecommerce and online shop.
  • The Location of your data centre: Though the aspect of the location of data centre is not related to any computer hardware or internet functionalities, still in simple understanding, the place of your data centre is equally important in terms of your overall effective functioning of Ecommerce and online marketing. It is a simple logic to understand that if the data centre is located in the US and the servers which require accessing your data needs to travel whole over the Atlantic, certainly will cause delay in data accessing in comparison to the server located near the data centre. Therefore, you need to be aware of the fact of geographical location of the data centre and plan accordingly with adequate consciousness.
  • Security and Policy mechanism: You must have watched and often gone through various terms and conditions along with permissions and use of cookies while using any information of any website or getting registered to any sites etc. These terms and conditions, and policy mechanism are often mandatory because of the security measures.
  • The more the world is in digital advancements, the more the issues of securities are an established fact. The piracy, hacking, data theft, and numerous internet fraudulent crimes are everyday happenings around the globe. The recent internet-based scandal of hacking government information and famous hospital database and demanding high amount of money shocked and paralyzed the administration and investigation agencies around the world in 2018.

Therefore, you must look for adequate security measures and policy mechanism of your web hosting to ensure that your ecommerce business does not fall into any fraudulence and hackers. It functions without any threat. You also need to take care of small but important component like regular updating of your anti-virus packs in order to keep the data and information safe.

The bottom line of the entire above discourse is to provide you with basic understanding of web hosting and provide you with necessary information on the features of web hosting to ensure the speed and reliability of your web hosting. But on the other hand, this article can never claim that after going through this article you have gained the required expertise to choose the best ecommerce hosting solution Temok is such a web hosting Solution Company that provides you with speed and reliable service with more security. It ensures your data safety and privacy.

The world of the internet and the concept of global ecommerce are even deeper than the ocean with a lot of complications to grasp. Adding to this, in every new invention and advanced findings are incorporated regularly to enhance the existing ecommerce.

Because of emerging data theft and new kinds of fraudulences, there have been endless new features required for the protection of ecommerce. In this context, based on the above basics of the ecommerce web hosting, you are required to ever pragmatic to be open to adopt anything new any time. You may choose plans from temok.com to enhance your ecommerce store speed and ensure reliability in accelerating your ecommerce.

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