Best Camera Apps For Android Device In 2017

Hi, Freinds welcome to TechiesBlogging.In this article, I will tell you about Best camera apps for Android device.

Nowadays Android smartphone comes with such bigger camera features that you can’t imagine. It is not about megapixels but also about sensor because the sensor plays an important role while taking pictures. Most of the people now consider buying good camera phones rather than any digital camera.

The stock camera comes with great features, but this app gives you the capability of taking pictures like a pro.

Below is the list of top camera apps:-

1.Camera 360:-

Best camera apps

  • Camera 360 is one of the best camera apps for Android device.
  • It comes with plenty of effects and brings you professional-level manual controls.
  • This app contains a huge number of effects and filters to choose from.
  • At last, it is the best app for capturing your awesome moments, and you can use this app as a secondary app on your Android device.

2.Camera Fv-5 Lite:-

Best camera apps

  • This app is very similar to the stock camera app.
  • When you open it first, you can see you have a lot of option on both sides of your Android device.
  • This app supports manual focus lock.
  • You can also rename the image after clicking it.
  • The developer of this app tries to give you pro like feature.
  • It is a Paid App you have to pay to download this app. Also, you can use the lite version of this app for free.


Best camera apps

  • Proshot is for those who are very much serious into photography.
  • In this app, you have four modes(Auto mode, Manual mode, Focus lock).
  • In this app, the best part is you can capture shots in both JPEG and RAW format.
  • The interface of Proshot is not that simple as another app, but you can enjoy this app if you learn this app.


  • It is one of the best camera apps for taking a selfie.
  • It comes to various modes for taking a selfie.
  • It is the best app in my opinion.
  • You can customize your picture according to your choice.

5.Manual Camera:-

This app is very much close to Camera Fv-5, but the UI is very simple to use.

  • This app offers manual focusing including manual and infinity focus.
  • The best part of this app is it hardly occupy 2MB of your phone space.
  • This app is paid in play store.
  • So you have to buy to use this.
  • If you need to be cracked version, then comment.

So that’s it these are the best camera apps for Android device according to my opinion. If you need help from me kindly comment here or contact me on social media. If you want a cracked version of the above- paid app you can comment here so I can provide you the app. If you didn’t know, In recent days, Samsung was able to launch it’s Samsung Gear S4 for the best price which comes with eventually the best camera too.

Over To You:-

I told you all the best app for taking pictures in Android device. If you like this post kindly share with your friend.If you any problem regarding this post then don’t forget to comment so that I can help you out. That’s it for this post I will see you on the next one. Are you student and want to make more money other than pocket money? If yes, then you should know how students can earn money from mobile apps.

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  1. Pro shot is a best one according to my knowledge. Go for it. Thanks for sharing this.

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