Best Camera Apps for Android 2018

Best Camera Apps for Android 2018

We all are very much aware of the selie craze! Cameras on smartphones are a much bigger deal than they used to be, thanks to our obsession with Instagram and other social networks.

Everyone these days prefer capturing their memories on their mobile phone rather than purchasing or carrying a separate camera.

Instead of carrying a DSLR camera to take photos, everyone expects their smartphones to perform the same role as that of DSLR.

Even though smartphones come with pre-installed camera application, yet many applications are available that enhance the overall photography experience.

Best Camera Apps for Android 2018
Best Camera Apps for Android

Best Camera Apps for Android 2018

Therefore, to help you out in picking the right camera application for Android phones, we have listed down some of the most popular camera apps that perform well.

Apart from these, you can find another interesting camera as well as all kinds of apps on aptoide app store.

  • Camera FV-5

Everyone wants DSLR quality pictures on their mobile phones. Camera FV-5 brings DSLR photography features on your android phone. For people who love photography, it is an ideal application for them.

The app includes features such as shutter speed, white balance, built-in intervalometer and more. To sum up, the application covers all the essential features for photography.

It has two versions; a lite version that comes with limited features and free of cost, while pro version is chargeable and offers more features.

  • Open Camera

Open Camera is a free camera application with no adds. It is an open source app and consists of all the necessary camera features. The fully featured application consists of HD recording, auto stabilizer, focus mode and many more features. It supports a variety of image formats.

One best feature of the app is that its GUI functions smoothly for left or right-handed users. All these interesting features make Open Camera a top application for android users.

  • Google Camera

Google Camera is another popular camera application from Google. The app is perfect for taking panoramic photographs. Some of the best features of the application include video stabilisation, slow-motion capture, smart burst, HDR+, etc.

The reason why it is not popular like other camera applications is the fact that it offers limited features to the normal android phone users. While full accessibility is available only for Nexus and Pixel users.

  • Camera Zoom FX

Camera Zoom is one of the oldest camera applications that is still popular. The application has improved at regular intervals and offers a great camera experience.

The main features of the application include support for filters, control of shutter speed, ISO, exposure and many more.

The full manual of DSLR control enables the user to adjust the photos taken from the phone. The application comes in two versions: Camera Zoom FX and Camera Zoom FX premium.

  • Z Camera

Understanding the need for photographers, Z Camera is a good application that provides many filters and editing tools.

The user can adjust the filter before taking the picture or video. For selfie lovers, the app is handy as many modes are available to click the pictures.

Some of the prominent features include a private gallery, beautifying selfie, pic editor, etc. The app is free of cost, however, add on purchases can be made.

  • Cymera

Cymera camera application offers many customisation features. The application mainly focuses on the common features that are required by the users.

The application includes many filters, light effects, stickers, etc. to make the photos look good.

The beauty mode of the application makes the pictures look beautiful. In addition, the user can add real-time stickers to the image. The application is free of cost. However, the user can purchase add-on filters and effects.

  • A Better Camera

A Better Camera is the right application for clicking the best shots. The hi-tech and advanced features of the application make the photography experience a pleasant one.

The functions in the application include panorama, multishot, etc. What makes this app ahead of other applications is that it picks the best image from a series of images clicked using it.

The application is free with limited features. However, if you want to explore more features you will have to purchase it from the play store.

  • Camera 360

Camera 360 is one application that lets you click like a professional. The application offers many features and most of them are very unique. The application interface is not easy to understand and explore.

However, once you get used to it, the picture clicking on mobile is fun. Some basic features of the application include a photo editor, filters, gallery, etc. The application can be downloaded free but for exploring more features, you will have to purchase it from play store.

The above names are some of the best camera application for android phones. More and more applications are developing every day to enhance the picture clicking experience of users.

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