Best Android Apps not found in Google Play Store

Best Android Apps not found in Google Play Store

Google play store – the store of millions of android apps for your android phone. With these apps you can have the world in your hand, you can play, enjoy any kind of entertainment you want. Every day the store gets updated with new, different apps.

But sometimes some apps don’t get permission in the store for some terms and conditions of Google.

WhatsApp sniffer is one of them. There are more best apps that are not found in the play store, but you can grab them with their app and use it without any problem.

best android apps outside google play

Best Android Apps not found in Google Play Store

In this article, you will get information about the apps that are popular but can’t be installed with the play store. So, let’s get started:

  • WhatsApp Sniffer

Who doesn’t know about WhatsApp? It is the easiest app to communicate with the message, audio, and video without any problem and the best part is it is a free app. But as it is a web-based app, so there is a 100% chance to get hacked. To secure your chat, you can use this android app.

As the smartphone is available, so parents need to guide kids in using these apps. With WhatsApp sniffer, anyone can get access to the chats which are using WhatsApp on the same internet connection.

There are kinds of spy tools, but mSpy is the top listed tool to spy WhatsApp messages. Anyone can use this app as it is easy and simple in design.  But one has to be careful in using it as it can hack anyone’s chat.

  • Firetube

When you want to listen to any music or video on YouTube, you have to keep your screen switch on that drains mobile data and battery life.

Irritating right? Don’t worry, use the fire tube app and listen to any music or video by switching off your mobile screen. So you can guess why you can’t get this app in the google play store.

AppValley is one of the best third-party app installers out there in the market.

There are a lot of app alternatives to download paid apps for free apart from Google Play Store, but Appvalley stands out the cause of its quality and large database of apps and games.

There are a lot of tweaked apps and games available in this app for free. We recommend you to download and install AppValley APK from here:

  • Amazon App store

Another store? What is so special about it? Well, you can get the app free here where you have to pay to get this app in the google play store. The great achievement of this app is Amazon supports it.

  • Mixplorer

The best Android file manager that can be named. It is popular for its clean user interface and easy to maintain features. With this app, you can use different folders at a time.

This app allows you to access various cloud files like OneDrive, Dropbox, google drive, etc.  it is guaranteed that you will not find any file manager like this app is free of cost.

  • Lucky patcher

Sometimes you may need to modify the android apps in different ways. This app will help you with this task. For this, you have to own a rooted device.

With this app, you can remove the license verification of any premium app, restore and backup any apps and removing google ads.

But make sure to keep a backup of the apps of the device before using this app. You may lose the data after using this app.

  • F-droid

If you ask me about the best open-source software, then I will recommend f-droid. With this app, you can download and install any kinds of open-source apps. You can keep track of app updates easily with this app.

More Android Apps not found in Google Play Store

  • Xposed framework installer

Sometimes you need to install a custom ROM to modify the android device, but this installation means a lot of hassle for little modifying things. With this app, you can easily change any kind of the system by installing any kinds of ROM.

This app is best for root-level users, and any type of edit can be done easily. But keep all the backup of every data because this installer app can erase the data.

  • Adaway

While installing an app, you have to allow ads to play and sometimes it is annoying. With this app, you can block the ads to enjoy without any interruption.

You will get this app from f-droid. You will need root access and android 2.1 devices to use this app.

  • Popcorn time

Last, not least, the best app to use to download any kind of movie or series you want. You will not have to use torrent or google sites to search for the film. Just get this app in your device and download any movies and series you want to enjoy.

More Android apps are not available in the google store but popular for their use. When you are using these apps, you have to change the settings to allow the installation of the apps.

But you have to be careful using these apps especially the WhatsApp sniffer because it is a very sensitive app to handle. But they are popular for the features – so try to use the apps with care.

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