Awesummly, A Short News App. In-Depth Review

Awesummly, a short news app. In-depth review:-

We all have used a number of news app in our day to day life. These apps not only save your time but it also gives the detailed knowledge of the topic without blabbering about the nasty things.

But the question is what forces us to seek from the apps when we have the white papers encrypted with the daily happenings of the world.

The biggest problem with the newspaper is that it does not compete with the 24*7 news TV channels. The same problem does not arise in these Prodigious apps.

As soon as the updates are being called out, the app will automatically notify to make you aware of the things happening in the surrounding. The other problem which links to the newspaper is that it is not environmentally friendly and a lot of natural killings are done to print a single page of the newspaper.


All these things forced us to divert our mind from these papers and dive into the world of wonderful apps.


Someone has rightly said that for the enforcement of any successful project there stands a reason that let it touch the feet of success and set a mark for the others coming right in the way.

If that power shut would not have been taken place in Gurgaon then we would be definitely bereaved of this app.

All of our looks at the surrounding problem but only some of them have the courage to take preliminary steps to cut down the expenses of it.

This man Nitin Mishra look at the problems of the people with the daily newspaper and therefore decided to develop an app that would instantly give the regular updates of the happenings across the world.

Together Nitin and Deepak proceeded on the rusty path but their way becomes simpler when shook hands with Ankit.



A man who had a work experience in TCS Research Labs for more than two and a half year can easily enjoy a good time in the future.

But he left his work and dive into the world of entrepreneurs and came up with many ideas to start his own startup.

However, the project collapsed a couple of times due to the lack of motivated and dedicated team members.

However, the idea holds strong when he met Deepak on the way and together they went on a journey where the success was waiting for them.


Deepak who did B.Tech from NIT Rourkela had once the habit of switching the job frequently. Before peeping into the world of entrepreneurs he had worked with three startups.

But as soon as he dives into this competitive world he dropped more than 10 ideas and most of them after the development of the process had just started.

He completely lost his faith and even his parents didn’t allow him to focus more on the startups. However, when he met Nitin everything changed for him and the rest you all know.

awesummly app   awesummly


Awesummly is a short news app that uses its long source to grab information from all around the world. What’s the best part of this app is that it does not bore you with its long and the nasty writings, instead, the information is summarized into a total of 60 words.

Apart from reading the useful contents, it also allows the user to share any of the contents with their friends or relatives.

The app also features audio and offline reading which make it sit on the top of the other short news app.

awesummly features

Awesummly has recently bagged Rs 1 crore investment from Vivek Bhargava, CEO, of Metropolis Healthcare.

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