5 best strategies to run your real estate talk show

5 best strategies to run your real estate talk show

As a real estate agent, we’re sure you have enough experience under your belt to pass the knowledge forward. What is the right time to sell? What does a good deal on a house look like? Are there any available listings for people looking for a new home? These are questions people typically have but don’t have the right answers to.

A lot of real estate information is based on hearsay and speculation. This is why having a legitimate real estate talk show on the web can not only educate people but also establish you and your business as an authority that people can rely on.

But while you may know everything about real estate, running a talk show is a whole different ball game. How often should you do your show? What should the content look like? How should you promote it? And to whom?

There are a lot of things to work out to run a successful real estate talk show. In this blog post, we’ve compiled all the strategies that will help you accomplish this. Let’s take a look.

1. Spread the word on social media

Promotion is arguably one of the tougher aspects of running a talk show. It’s hard to get the word out to the right kind of audience. The trick is to use the online platforms you already have an audience on to bring people to your talk show. In this case, we’re talking about social media.

If you have a bonafide social media presence, whether it’s on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, use it to promote your talk show. Here are a few ways to leverage social media for promotion:

  • Post digital posters and promotional graphics regularly
  • Build your reach and engagement by replying to comments and DMs
  • Create an event page on Facebook for each talk show episode and ask people to RSVP

If you have no idea how to create digital posters, you check out PosterMyWall’s real estate poster templates. Simply customize a template you like and put it up on your social media in minutes.

2. Upload teasers on Instagram

Instagram is a great place to promote anything. Particularly, video on Instagram gets a lot of engagement. Use this to get more traction for your talk show.

After you run a couple of episodes, cut out the most interesting snippets from each and post them either on your Instagram Story or as a Reel. You can accompany these snippets with a graphic that tells people how they can watch the talk show and when.

Find a good Instagram Story template, customize it and post it on Instagram along with the snippets at least once every two weeks.

3. Find interesting topics to talk about

Your promotional efforts will be useless if your talk show doesn’t actually provide valuable information to its listeners. So do some research before each episode. Look at online forums, and talk to clients and other experts in the field. Find out what people want to know and discuss. Once you have this information, look up solutions and gather information that your listeners should know.

Once you have the content, you’ll need to spend some time to make it interesting. Throw in jokes, fun facts, or anything else you learned from your experience in the field to keep your listeners engaged. Remember, your talk show should be fun and informative in equal measure.

4. Switch things up in each episode

Remember how we talked about keeping things interesting? Well, apart from creating fun and engaging content, there are a couple of other things you can do to keep your listeners interested.

Have a Q&A segment

You can take live callers or ask people to DM you questions that you can answer towards the end of the show. In this way, you can have a conversation with your listeners and find out more about them.

Bring in real estate experts

Every once in a while, bring in a colleague or an expert to talk about a particular real estate topic. This will establish your show’s credibility among your listeners.

5. Find a platform to run your show on

Once you’ve figured out the content and how to promote, it’s time to hit the ground running. Find an online platform to run your show on. We would recommend YouTube. You can use it to run a livestream or pre-record your episode and post it on the site. Alternatively, you can also use Facebook Live.
Final thoughts

As a real estate agent, you must be incredibly excited to transfer the knowledge and experience you’ve gained over the years to your audience. As long as you keep your content engaging and promoting it on the right platforms, you will be able to establish your talk show as a legitimate authority on all things real estate.

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