BEST 20+ Top themes for Windows 10

Top themes for Windows 10

One of the most striking aspects of Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10 is personalization – the best way to do it is through the famous themes.

Precisely in that focus is the post that I will share this day, in showing you some of the best themes for Windows 10 that you can download. Said themes include several wallpapers, the unique colors of windows, and sounds.

We present 20 new and beautiful unofficial Top themes for Windows 10 that you must try.

In this article, I bring you 20 good unofficial themes for Windows 10 developed by professional designers.

It is highly recommended to create a system restore point before installing the themes because if you do not like the theme after installation on your Windows 10 system, they can return to that restore point, although they can always delete it from manually, I think the first would be an excellent option.

Top themes for Windows 10
Top themes for Windows 10

20 Top themes for Windows 10

1. Aurora Borealis

This theme comes with 8 wallpapers that show an Aurora Borealis over a beautiful landscape of Iceland and Norway. The color of the windows is set to sea green and the wallpapers are automatically adjusted after five minutes.

2. Twilight and Starlight

This theme is designed for users who have two monitors, this theme comes with all kinds of wallpapers, such as galaxies, meadows, windmills, stars, among others.

It should also be mentioned that the color of the window is different for each wallpaper.

3. Beautiful Birds

The Beautiful Birds theme is designed for bird lovers and comes with 15 wallpapers with all kinds of birds, such as flamingos, kingfishers, swans, peacocks, and hummingbirds.

4. GT graphics

This theme is designed for lovers of science fiction and space exploration. GT graphics comes with images alluding to space and although it does not have any real image of our galaxy, it looks really amazing.

5. Marbles

If you are a fan of marbles, then this theme is for you. The Marbles theme comes with 11 beautiful wallpapers that will give a touch of an eye to your computer with Windows 10.

Top themes for Windows

6. Forza Motorsport 4

The Forza Motorsport 4 theme is designed for gamers who have played Forza Motorsport 4 or for lovers of racing cars.

It has 17 high-resolution wallpapers with cars like the Koenigsegg Agera, Mercedes, Jaguar, McLaren, BMW, and Ferrari.

7. Child of Light

This theme is based on the game Child of Light, making it perfect for game fans. Even if you are not a fan of the game you can enjoy 19 beautiful wallpapers that seem created with watercolors.

8. Morning

If you like nature and wildlife, then you will love this theme that captures the morning in nature. It brings 8 wallpapers and all of them include images of birds, insects, riverbanks, plants, and meadows set at dawn.

9. Frozen Formations

The Frozen Formations theme has beautiful images of ice, so if you like everything related to this as the sun’s rays on ice and icebergs, this theme is for you.

As for the number of wallpapers, this theme comes with 12 different backgrounds.

10. Beach Sunsets

If you are not a fan of winter and ice, maybe you would like a slightly warmer theme and this might be just what you need.

This theme comes with 15 wallpapers of beautiful beaches taken during the sunset. It is perfect if you like the tropical climate and want to express that taste through your operating system.

More 10 Top themes for Windows 10

  1. Zeka Theme
  2. Ceti Theme
  3. Void Theme
  4. Theme Metro X
  5. Minimal White Theme
  6. Oxford theme
  7. PlainX Theme
  8. Numix Theme
  9. Deepin Theme
  10. Ubuntu theme

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